Tips For Buying Antique Watches

An antique vintage watch.

Antique watches are something that many have a passion for. There is nothing like the craftsmanship that you can find in a vintage piece. It is something that is rarely duplicated these days with even the best watches being mass produced with machinery.

Those who have been in this hobby for some time know all of the tricks to spotting quality pieces but those new to the hobby have much to learn.

If you are just getting into vintage timepiece collecting, I have a few tips for you. Tips that might help you spot a nice piece or hopefully keep you from being taken advantage of.

Do Your Research

Look before you leap so to speak. If you find a vintage piece that you want at a shop or from a private seller, investigate it first. Get as much detail as you can on the piece and then use the internet to investigate what it is really worth.

Do not let the idea of missing out creep into your mind. Someone is very unlikely to come back behind you and purchase the piece before you have time to do a little research. If that in fact does happen, there are other watches out there. Over time, the occasional piece that you miss out on will be more than offset by the savings that you get from doing your research.

Contact The Watch Maker

Sure, you might find a piece where the watchmaker is no longer in business. There are many of those in fact.

There are also many watch makers however that are still thriving. Many of these are well versed on their own history and may be willing to help out a collector. A good watchmaker has pride in both their current work and in their history and they want to see it appreciated.

Look Online

If you buy a watch or are even just thinking about buying one, go to the internet. There is a wealth of information on online forums and websites dedicated to the hobby.

By taking your watch online, you can see if you got a deal or perhaps avoid being taken advantage of. Experienced collectors are more than willing to help out newbies.

Shop The Price

So you have found a fantastic piece and you are sure that you want it in your collection. Perfect. Now, before you leap into a purchase, do a little research about what comparable pieces are going for. Look online at auction sites and look for similar pieces. Find like pieces and then go up or down on the value by comparing it to the condition or features of your new potential one.

Also, ask the seller about a price guarantee. Many legitimate antique dealers will guarantee the value of their pieces. That would be a huge reassurance for you when making a deal.