Puppy & Dog Related Antiques

A puppy example of dog art.

There is one thing that I have learned over the many years that I have practiced antiquing. There is a market for everything vintage. One peculiar area is that area of antique dog and puppy antiques. I actually have a buyer who has a standing order for anything that I can find related to German Shepherds. Interesting right.

Over the years, I have delivered various items to them including some vintage advertisements featuring the German Shepherd Dog and several figurines dated back to the early 1900’s.. You might be surprised at just how much stuff is out there related to dogs.

The Dog Antique Market

I get it, people love their dogs and like to have art around that reflects it. I myself recently acquired a French Bulldog who I am in love with. Evidently everyone is in love with this breed though because my Frenchie was quite expensive. 3000 dollars to be exact. I elected to get online puppy financing to spread this cost out a bit, but that is a topic for another post.

Since getting my dog, I have been on the lookout for anything related to the breed and since the French Bulldog dates back to the 1800’s, I have found quite a bit. It is becoming quite a large part of my search efforts and I have even devoted a cabinet just for my puppy findings.

So what exactly is out there and what should you be looking to collect? Really, this depends. If you are just in it for the sure enjoyment, buy anything that strikes your fancy. If you are looking for pieces that may appreciate over time, there are certain categories to consider.


There is much more of a variety of prints than you might think and they can be quite interesting. The most unique type that I have found is of dogs dressed up as people. No, not dogs playing poker, dogs engaged in normal activities as if they were people. These are quite entertaining and are a real conversation piece.

Besides dogs as people, there are a huge variety of other prints available to suit any taste. Dogs on the hunt, dogs with people, groups of dogs, etc, etc. Check out some of the variety of dog prints here. You might be surprised at what you find.


Once again you have a huge variety of figures to choose from and you can almost certainly find your breed of dogs among them. Figurines range from the simple to the very ornate.

My personal favorite carvings are the ones made into canes. There was a time when the cane or walking stick was much more common than it is today. Having an ornate work of art was a source of pride for many and artists created some quite unique ones.


A third type of antique dog art that you will almost certainly encounter is the figurine. Ranging from simple cast to ornate porcelain pieces these will be found in all sorts of price ranges from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Prices will range based on the material used and the amount of detail given the piece.