I Just Love Retro

If you are like me, as an antique hunter, you love old things. This, of course, leads to me buying a lot of antiques, but it does not stop there. It has, in fact, worked its way into my everyday life. Even when I buy something new, I tend to look for things that look older or are based on older designs.

Classic Homes

One example is my house. I chose to build a cape cod style home that would be just as happy in the 1940’s as it would today. None of the clean lines of a modern designed home, how boring. No, I love the look of wood board siding and a nice wrap around porch.

Of course, the modern world has crept in and that wood paneling is now cement board. It still looks the same though, it just holds up better. The home is also far more energy efficient than older homes, so I guess there are some good things about modern construction.

An older home

Inside my home, it is just as “dated” I guess you would call it. This is mainly do to my antique collection and the floor plan that I chose. Most newer homes have wide open spaces and it is hard to tell where one room ends and another begins. Call me crazy, but I like to have some division to the rooms. I want to know when I am in the living room and when I enter the den, I hate it when rooms blend together.

Outside The Home

Another area that I tend to favor the old is outside. I have what I would call an old fashioned English style garden. When I go out back to relax, I like to pretend I am stepping back in time. I also love classic window boxes  which can be tedious to maintain, nut they are well worth it.

Recently, I made yet another addition to the backyard in the form of a hot tub. I know what you are thinking, one of those gaudy plastic tubs, it  must ruin the look of my yard. Well, it would of, had I not gone “retro” once again.

My new cedar lined hot tub.

This hot tub, made easier with a hot tub loan, fit right into my backyard design. It does have a plastic liner on the inside but it is easy to get past with the cedar surround, steps and privacy wood fencing. There are some totally cedar tubs out there but I decided against them due to the higher maintenance and problems with longevity. The plastic also provided for better seating options, so I guess plastic has its place.

Do take notice of the fence surrounding the tub. This was one of my favorite parts and it really helps the tub blend into my English garden. It also adds a ton of privacy, surrounding it on 3 sides. The fourth side faces my home, so, when inside the tub, privacy from neighbors is assured.

My Car

Finally, my car is yet another example of how I just refuse to modernize. I will not show yo a picture of just what I drive, got to have some secrets, but rest assured, it was not made in the last 20 years. Modern cars are nice and I do enjoy one when I vacation but I will take old vinyl over plush leather and push button radio over fancy navigation systems.

So, what about you?

Do you take your love for the old to the extreme like me r do you limit it just to the antiques that we all cherish so much. Let me know and let’s discuss in the comments.