About Maddy’s

An antique store.

Once upon a time, Maddy’s Antiques was a website formed to simply promote a local antique store. That store is gone but the spirit of the website remains.

Today, when you visit Maddy’s Antiques, you can learn about all of the great antique stores across the country.We hope that you can use it as a tool to find these hidden treasures which are becoming harder to find.

If you have a store of your own, you can also contact us and we will be happy to list it here. Be sure to provide all of your contact information as well as much about your story as you can think of. We like to be thorough.

In addition to finding antique stores, we offer readers the opportunity to view hidden treasures. Antique finds from around the country features in great detail.

We hop that you enjoy this website, bookmark us and check back often.